Summer Vacation and Parenting Time Arrangements

Summer vacation is right around the corner. When school is not in session, families often schedule extended vacations or other activities that take them out of state.

For divorced parents, summer could require modifications to a child custody agreement or visitation schedule in order to accommodate vacations and other travel occasioned by the lack of school. In such cases, it may be helpful to retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer in Lake Bluff, IL to navigate any changes to judicially ordered parenting time. There are also certain tips that might help you avoid any unpleasantness with the other parent.

Review Any Court Orders

It is always advisable to dust off any court orders and re-read them before planning any extended vacations or out-of-state excursions. Depending on how many years have passed, you might not remember all of the terms set forth in the custody or visitation schedule. As a general rule, you should adhere to the judicial decree as it relates to temporal and geographical limits in the absence of express permission from the court or written permission from the other parent.

Work With the Other Parent on Agreed Modifications

Of course, you can always work with the other parent to make agreed upon modifications that will accommodate summer commitments. To the extent that both parents can agree to alter the custodial or visitation arrangement so that the children can enjoy unique summer experiences, it is a good idea to memorialize the modifications in writing which both parents then sign to avoid any misunderstandings.

Maintain Flexibility and Give Early Notice

It is beneficial to be flexible when it comes to summer plans and to give plenty of prior notice to the other parent. This helps avoid springing a sudden change of summer custodial time on the other parent at the last minute.

Do not wait until summer arrives to communicate your desire to alter a custody or visitation arrangement. If the parties cannot agree to modifications allowing for summer travel, then an experienced family law practitioner could help resolve any differences.

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