Ridiculous Laws in Virginia

Anybody that’s ever seemed through anything passed by way of a legislative body has likely seen several strange things included in which had little or nothing regarding the main bill or perhaps law. These riders tend to be included to appease a tiny constituency and don’t will have a big or long lasting impact. Sometimes these riders come by means of money for a express or district, and sometimes they come by means of rules and laws which can be quote often, to become frank, silly. Here are a number of the silly laws that have was able to make it on the particular books in Virginia, even if only for a short while.

Politics As Usual?
That is one that just allows you to shake your head. There exists a state law “prohibiting virus ridden practices of bribery by anybody other than candidates. ” This sounds like the sort of law that a virus ridden politician got passed to aid themselves retain their office against an improved, more morally pure applicant.

No Tickle Parties
I’d like to think that this law was the consequence of a more conservative time in the state’s history, but I honestly can’t consider any reason to pass a law which makes it illegal to tickle females. Maybe there was any tickle bandit, but I suspect puritan hands are critical to this law.

Hunting Time of year
There has been any law in Virginia rendering it illegal to hunt for almost any animal on Sunday, with all the sole exception of raccoons, which might be hunted until 2 FEEL.

Apparently whoever passed this law didn’t believe that raccoons were really certainly one of God’s creatures and thus not worthy of his protection on Sundays.

Clear Your Mule
This must be an old law as i think it’s fair to state that nobody has attempted this in a few time. In Culpepper it absolutely was made illegal to wash a mule around the sidewalk. I really hope this is simply not a recent law as it can be too much for my mind to deal with.

Dress For the Hour or so
This law is clearly something of your antiquity, but it still makes you would like to know the reasoning powering it. There has been a law around the books in Norfolk, Virginia that required females to wear a corset right after sundown and to be with a male chaperone.

Civility is Key
This law likely extends back to a time once we put more of reduced on civility towards the other person. There was enacted any law in Prince William County that caused it to be illegal to cuss about another individual. Maybe this also produced gossip more civil at the same time.

Who Gets the Loss?
I’m working under the assumption that law was passed in a reaction to gambling issues in terms of restaurants, though I could possibly be way off base.

Inside Richmond, a law was passed rendering it illegal to flip a coin in the restaurant to see who covers a coffee. I’m uncertain why coffee alone was singled out in this law, nor am I alert to a history of java and gambling going in conjunction.

Warning! Lady Driver!
Because it has never, to the most effective of my knowledge, been illegal for girls to drive in this kind of country, I honestly do not know what to make with this one. In Waynesboro a legislation was passed making it illegal for a woman to operate a vehicle a car up Principal Street unless her husband was walking as you’re watching car waving a reddish flag. Did this signify unmarried women couldn’t push on Main Street inside Waynesboro? I appreciate a female driver joke occasionally within reason, but this is apparently taking the notion to be able to excess.

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