Borrowing Money to Post Bail: A Way For Suspects to Remain Free

Anyone who watches any of the many popular copy shows currently running on network television, like “Law & Order,” will have a fair understanding of the procedures followed by the police when a suspect is arrested.


When a crime is committed, police search for a suspect, and when they have enough evidence to legally arrest the suspect, they will pick up them up, “cuff” them and take them into custody at the police station. Bail will be set and the suspect will have to wait in jail until a friend or family member can come up with the money to post bail.


How Bail Works


The amount required for the suspect’s bail will be set by the court, according to the severity of the crime and whether or not the suspect represents a “flight risk.” Sometimes the bail is set at a very high rate in order to make it impossible for the suspect to gain release. In many cases, though, bail can be posted by borrowing the amount, plus interest, from Luzerne County bail bonds or any other bail bonds company in the area. This money is then given to the court to gain the suspect’s release until their court date. Once the case is completely resolved, the court will return the bail money and it can be returned, plus interest, to the bail bonds company. This system is set up to allow a suspect a chance to remain free as they prepare their court case. The truth is that some lower income suspects may not be able to post bail, and in that case, they will have to remain in lockup until their case is resolved, which adds an extra level of punishment to those individuals.


The truth is that our legal system is less than perfect, and the criticism that wealthy suspects receive unfair advantages from the courts is not without merit. For now, however, at least some individuals do have the chance to remain free on bail until their cases are resolved, thanks to the availability of bail bonds.


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